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xserver-xorg-video-ivtvdev: Changes to 'refs/tags/xserver-xorg-video-ivtvdev-1.0.0.svn4049-1'

Tag 'xserver-xorg-video-ivtvdev-1.0.0.svn4049-1' created by Ian Campbell <ijc@hellion.org.uk> at 2007-09-10 21:04 +0000

Debian release 1.0.0~svn4049-1

Changes since xserver-xorg-video-ivtvdev-0.10.6-2:
(no author) (1):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.

David Nusinow (2):
      Prepare drivers for use with xserver 1.2, which has a new ABI (version 1.1)
      Merge branch 'xsfbs' into debian-experimental

Ian Campbell (18):
      Merge commit 'origin/upstream-trunk' into debian-experimental
      Update packaging for new upstream revision
      Really commit updates for subversion trunk revision.
      Merge branch 'debian-unstable' into debian-experimental
      Remove inclusion of xf86ansic.h from drivers targetting Xorg 7.0.
      Bump version number.
      Merge branch 'upstream-trunk' into debian-experimental
      Updates for upstream r3991.
      Add .gitignore
      Merge branch 'upstream-trunk' into debian-experimental
      Updates for new upstream r4027
      Update .gitignore
      Merge branch 'upstream-trunk' into debian-experimental
      Update changelog for r4049. Collapse multiple unreleased svn snapshot changelog
      Add a NEWS file noting the change in the driver name
      This new version fixed 441275
      Remove blank entry from changelog
      Merge branch 'debian-experimental' into debian-unstable

hverkuil (28):
      (John Harvey asked me to commit this)
      The resulting driver is capable of supporting both the new & old API.
      Add missing file.
      From Ian Armstrong:
      Delete obsolete xc directory.
      Remove obsolete text from the README.
      When the ivtv X driver is loaded, it ensures the osd/framebuffer is switched
      Minor tweaks & support for older ivtv versions as far back as 0.2.
      Update version to 1.0.0.
      Did some renaming, modified ivtv_compat.h to check for kernel >= 2.6.22.
      Update Changelog file.
      Some cleanups.
      Fix spelling mistake.
      Fix -Wall compile warnings, remove obsolete TODO file.
      Introduce a small bug in the previous change. Fixed.
      Fix 64-bit compiler warnings.
      Add ivtv_xv.h, cleanup header guards and a few 'fbdev' leftovers.
      Re-added Imakefile for X11R6 support.
      Update README.
      Oops, shouldn't have renamed that option. Reverted that change.
      Fix breakage.
      Removed some dead code.
      Fix 64-bit compile problem.
      Add info on how to install the xorg-server-sdk package.
      Fix from Ian Armstrong fixing the bug I managed to introduce in the Imakefile.
      Put in correct licenses and (hopefully) correct copyrights.
      Add copyright Matthias (hope I've got this right)

jharvey (1):
      Add software scaling for larger images than the 350 can cope with

jpharvey (35):
      Initial revision
      V04 of the driver
      v05 of the driver
      version 06 of the driver
      uses ivtv installed header file
      probe tries to do ivtv specific ioctl to ensure we actually have an ivtv frame buffer
      clear out some gcc flags since they strict ansi doesnt work with ivtv header file
      use more standard pci card initialisation
      v0.7 changelog
      last minute change to Changelog
      use fbdev all the time
      1st attempt a Xv support. Needs lots of tidying up
      workign version of xv support
      v0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelogv0.9 changelog
      try to cope with any screen size
      0.9 version adding xv support
      0.9 version layout change
      add xv support
      revert to correct version to ship
      ensure at least v 3.6.X ivtv
      make v 10.2 and test
      make NTSC work
      build correct files
      add notes for 0.10.1 & 0.10.2
      increase version number to 0.10.5
      add colorkey and autpaintcolorkey support
      add comments for 0.10.4 & 0.10.5 versions
      Change Region initisation code when compiling with XORG
      de_macro routines now just munge the correct amount of data
      move version to 0.10.6
      added changes for 0.10.6
      Changes from Ian Armstrong (at last)
      remove redundant XF86ModuleVersionInfo and associated global variables.
      rename XF86ModuleData variable now that driver has been renamed so X finds it and loads the driver.

 .gitignore                              |    4 
 COPYING                                 |   12 
 ChangeLog                               |   39 
 Changelog                               |   47 
 Makefile.am                             |    2 
 Makefile.in                             |  363 
 README                                  |   26 
 aclocal.m4                              | 3840 +++++----
 autogen.sh                              |   12 
 config.sub                              |    6 
 configure                               |13054 +++++++++++++++-----------------
 configure.ac                            |   19 
 debian/NEWS                             |    7 
 debian/changelog                        |   16 
 debian/patches/00_xorg_7_1              |  425 -
 debian/patches/01_include_linux_types_h |   12 
 debian/patches/remove-xf86_ansic.h      |   41 
 debian/patches/series                   |    3 
 debian/rules                            |    2 
 debian/xserver-xorg-video-ivtv.install  |    1 
 depcomp                                 |  103 
 install-sh                              |  477 -
 ltmain.sh                               | 1402 ++-
 man/Makefile.am                         |   59 
 man/Makefile.in                         |  386 
 man/ivtvdev.man                         |   63 
 missing                                 |  142 
 mkinstalldirs                           |  111 
 src/Imakefile                           |   54 
 src/Makefile.am                         |   19 
 src/Makefile.in                         |  338 
 src/TODO                                |   11 
 src/configure.ac                        |   64 
 src/ivtv.c                              |  741 +
 src/ivtv.h                              |   57 
 src/ivtv_compat.h                       |  128 
 src/ivtv_hw.c                           |  900 ++
 src/ivtv_hw.h                           |  132 
 src/ivtv_xv.c                           | 1389 +--
 src/ivtv_xv.h                           |   33 
 src/ivtvdev.c                           |  606 -
 src/ivtvdev.h                           |   17 
 src/ivtvhw.c                            |  821 --
 src/ivtvhw.h                            |   86 
 44 files changed, 13452 insertions(+), 12618 deletions(-)

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