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Bug#441354: xterm mispositions character glyphs with gnu unifont

Package: xterm
Version: 229-1
Severity: normal

When using GNU Unifont with xterm, certain Unicode characters
(0100-011F, 017F-019F, 0200-021F, ...) are displayed in the wrong
position, roughly half a cell-width to the left of where they belong.
Using urxvt works fine so the issue seems to be a problem with xterm
and not the font.

The characters which are displayed wrongly are exactly those for which
the low 8 bits of the character number correspond to ISO-8859 control
characters. I suspect xterm is doing some funny 8bit-codepage logic
and not turning it off for UTF-8 locales like it should.

I can provide screenshots if needed. Here is a test string which
should show the problem:


All of Ā, ā, ſ, and ƀ appear in the wrong positions, while the ASCII
characters and Ġ appear correctly.

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