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Bug#399183: xserver-xorg: incorrectly calculates TrueType font metrics

On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 10:02:33AM +0200, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
> Hi.  (I'm the original author of the FreeType backend in X.Org.)
> This bug was introduced in revision 1.32 of ftfuncs.c[1] in XFree86
> CVS[2] on 19 October 2003 by David Dawes <dawes@xfree86.org>.  This
> commit was made against my opinion (as expressed on the internal
> XFree86 mailing list), and was one of the reasons why I resigned from
> XFree86.
> The current version of ftfuncs.c in X.Org was branched from XFree86,
> unfortunately after the afore-mentioned commit.  I believe that there
> is currently nobody who understands the mess that has been made out of
> my formerly relatively clean code (to the extent that anything
> relating to core fonts can be clean).
> If you wish to work on the FreeType backend, I encourage you to study
> commit 1.32 and undo the mess.  For now, I'm marking this report as
> wontfix and CC-ing upstream.

Hi Juliusz,
As our resident font luminary (being that you seem to know the turf, and
none of the rest of us know much about it), you're more than welcome to
fix it, should you choose to.


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