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Bug#440734: xbase-clients: xmessage displays backslashs used for escaping commas

reassign 440734 x11-utils
tags 440734 fixed-upstream
thank you

Viktor Horvath wrote:
> This is a very minor problem :-)
> Try this:
> $ xmessage -buttons "Yes\, I want that,No\, I do not" "Some text"
> I end up with one correct button "Yes, I want that",
> but in the other one, the backslash is shown: "No\, I do not".
> Seems the parsing of the button line could be improved.
> To give my users an interface that is as easy as possible,
> I'd like to have the commas on the buttons...

xmessage was unquoting the first button <n> times instead of unquoting
all <n> buttons only once. I committed the fix upstream, it will be in
the next release of xmessage and then in our x11-utils package (the new
package that will contain xmessage once xbase-clients is split).


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