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Bug#440495: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics: Keyboard steal after stopping touchpad

2007/9/2, Mattia Dongili <malattia@linux.it>:
> Hi Peter,
> one more bugreport that's now hitting a couple of people. I'm really
> sorry but again I'm lacking the necessary time to properly
> investigate...
> On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 07:47:04PM -0600, Robert Gomulka wrote:
> > Package: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics
> > Version: 0.14.7~git20070517-2
> > Severity: normal
> >
> > *** Please type your report below this line ***
> > Hardware: Compaq Presario F500
> > Reproducible: very often
> > Steps to reproduce:
> >  1. Turn touchpad off below keyboard
> Robert, can you clarify this? what's that, a switch that disabled the
> pad?

Yes. This touchpad has mechanical switch above the touch surface, but
below the keyboard. After pressing it once touchpad led changes color
to amber, meaning that touchpad is disabled. After pressing second
time, led changes color to normal (blue), indicating touchpad working.
If you have any further questions, just let me know.


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