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Bug#56179: Please i need your help

my country and my father was shot in the process which led to his death
 three days later. My Mother and i where rescued by United Nations peace
 keeping force and we where taken to their base. Now to the main reason
 why i have contacted you is because of the sealed consignment
 containing thirty million United States dollars($30 000 0000USD) that was kept in a security
 company in Ghana by my father as family valuables and i have the
 certificate of deposit to prove ownership and claim this consignment, the
 problem is that i need a foreign beneficiary who will help in claiming the
 consignment and invest the funds because the government of Ghana does not
 give right to refugees with do business of this magnitude and also i
 will like to complete my Education in your country if that can be
 arranged by you. My mother and i are now in Ghana and we reside at the
 refugee camp because we lost everything  to the crisis, this consignment is
 all we have and our hope of survival. In return for your assistance i am
 ready to part with 20% of the funds in the consignment for any
 inconveniences that this may cost you. Today will make it the tenth day we
 arrived here in Ghana with the documents of deposit and ownership to
 notify the security company for the claims.
Note: The consignment is kept as family valuables so the security
  company does not know it's content and i will like it stays this way for
 security reasons. I will be waiting for your urgent response.
Regards and God bless you
 Prince Raphael Kobina 

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