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Bug#438098: xdm: Useless calls of laptop-detect in maintainer scripts

Sven Joachim wrote:
> Package: xdm
> Version: 1:1.1.4-3
> Severity: minor
> The xdm maintainer scripts all contain superfluous calls of
> laptop-detect in the following snippet:
> ,----
> | LAPTOP=""
> | if [ -n "$(which laptop-detect)" ]; then
> |     if laptop-detect >/dev/null; then
> | 	LAPTOP=true
> |     fi
> | fi
> `----
> The LAPTOP variable is not used anywhere

This is part of the xsfbs scripts that are included automatically in the
maintainer scripts of all X packages. We are supposed to clean all this
one day.

For now, the LAPTOP variable is at least still used in xserver-xorg
postinst to switch to 16 bits per pixels when using the nv driver on
laptops. You didn't imagine that would be related, did you? :)


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