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Bug#434833: Spontaneous reboots on suspend-to-RAM with new Xorg "intel" driver

On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 23:27:51 -0400, Tim Hull wrote:

> When using the new "intel" video driver that replaced the former "i810"
> driver in Debian, I am experiencing spontaneous reboots randomly on
> suspend-to-RAM.

What are you using for suspend/resume?

> Right before the system spontaneously reboots, I see a checkered pattern on
> a black-and-white console display. At times, though rare, I have also seen
> similar crashes when stopping and restarting the X server manually - which
> leads me to believe that starting/stopping the X server is what is causing
> the issue.  I have no such problem when using 915resolution and the old i810
> driver in Etch and on Ubuntu Feisty (their stable), but do see the same
> problem on Ubuntu Gutsy (their unstable) which uses the intel driver.  While
> it doesn't occur every time I suspend, it occurs often enough that this is a
> MAJOR annoyance for me.  I'm marking this as RC, as such crashes DO cause
> data loss in open files - you're free to disagree with me, though...

That's not what data loss means.

> System configuration is a MacBook Core Duo (first generation) with 2GB RAM
> and Debian Sid.
> I've attached my xorg.conf and appropriate logs...


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