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Bug#290625: xserver-xfree86: sarge upgrade (4.3.0.dfsg.1-8 -> 4.3.0.dfsg.1-10) no keyboard on 1st startup under KDM, competing with getty on VC2

> > I am sorry, all the Debian systems around here at the university that I
> > have access to have already been upgraded to the up-to-date xorg/etch,
> > so I don't have an opportunity to retest it.
> Hi Vassilii,
> do you mean that the problem doesn't happen with the Xorg X server?
> If so, I think this bug can be closed.  In any case, it's always better
> to explicitly say when you start X which vt you want it to use.

The bug only manifests itself on a particular upgrade path, described in
the bug thread messages (which I believe have all the needed reproduction
information). If you set up a fresh system, it definitely
doesn't happen. It could very well be that upgrading from an oldstable
system+XFree86 to the today's stable or testing could still trigger it,
but as I said I don't have the hardware to reproduce it. Note that it
relies on a not-very-sane decision in (not fully) updating a manually
touched kdmrc as I elaborated on the bug thread in my Feb 4
message. If you ask me, this downgrades the importance of the bug
considerably, but, as you see in the reply from Michel Daenzer the same
day, it's still an X bug. My guess would be that the bug is still there,
but one has to retest the fishy upgrade path to see.


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