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Bug#145797: xserver-xfree86 changes keyboard repeat settings

reassign 145797 xserver-xorg-input-kbd

On Sat, May  4, 2002 at 17:55:21 +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:

> The X server seems to modify the keyboard repeat settings normally set
> in the BIOS, which I normally set as 250ms before starting to repeat
> and 30 chars per second when repeating. As a workaround I have the
> following in XF86Config-4:
>         Option          "AutoRepeat"    "250 30"
> but this was not required at all in XFree86 version 3 (at least not
> with the xserver-mach64 server).
> It would be nice if the X server did not fiddle with keyboard
> settings, since XFree version 3 didn't.
Hi Santiago,

does the keyboard driver still change your autorepeat settings today
with Xorg?


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