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Bug#432256: libxinerama1: XineramaIsActive disagrees with XineramaQueryScreens on sparc

* Brice Goglin <Brice.Goglin@ens-lyon.org>, [2007-07-08 23:45 +0200]:
>  Emanuele Rocca wrote:
>  > xserver-xorg-core: 2:
>  > xserver-xorg-video-sunffb: 1:1.1.0-2

>  What about the i386 machine?

xserver-xorg-core: 2:
xserver-xorg-video-ati: 1:6.6.3-2

I'm not much into X internals, but after a quick grep for Xinerama on
-video-ati and -video-sunffb it seems to me that the latter doesn't
provide useful replies to Xinerama related requests like
X_XineramaIsActive, while the former does.

Somehow libxinerama assumes that XineramaIsActive even if sunffb doesn't
handle such request?


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