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Bug#431449: xmodmap needs to reduce inconvenience of 'please release the following keys' error

Frederik Eaton wrote:
> Via my window manager, I have bound a key to switch my keymap. It
> causes a script to be run which calls 'xmodmap'. However, I often get
> errors such as:
> xmodmap:  please release the following keys within 4 seconds:
>     Control_L (keysym 0xffe3, keycode 64)
> This is because I often start typing something after switching the
> keymap (after all, I only switch the keymap when I want to type), and
> for some reason X doesn't like having modifiers depressed when
> remapping them. If X could be fixed to not do this, it would be great.
> Otherwise, perhaps the timeout in xmodmap could be reduced - currently
> the minimum is 2 seconds, but it is doubled each time. I think much
> smaller values, and no doubling, would be preferable, since those
> delays affect the user directly.


I understand your concern, but I would rather have upstream's opinion
about this. The 2s timeout might be here because under some
circumstances (maybe an overloaded slow old machine?) remapping may be
very long to process. However, this code hasn't been changed since April
1994 (initial commit in XFree86 CVS), so it's not clear whether those
circumstances could happen today :)

Would you mind asking upstream either on IRC (#xorg-devel on freenode),
or on xorg@lists.freedesktop.org (subscription required), or by
reporting a bug on bugzilla.freedesktop.org?


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