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Bug#429569: xorg: Xorg consumes a lot of cpu at screensaver exit

Brice Goglin a écrit :
severity 429569 important
reassign 429569 xserver-xorg-core
thank you

Le Gluon du Net wrote:
Severity: critical
Justification: breaks the whole system
Actually, this kind of problem is important or normal.
In fact i don't know, when it happens I've generally to kill Xorg (If I could) or restart the computer, so?
desktop, xorg consumes 50% or more of the cpu!!! I could move the
mouse and the
applications are not freeze, but I can't do anything other than
ctr/alt/f1 or del
Do you see an increased memory usage? Is the computer swapping or so?
I put my password to return to my desktop and I could see "Xorg 50%" on my cpu applet  but the computer isn't swapping.
to kill the Xorg processus. If I would like to start an application or
deploy a menu, I have
to restart the computer. I'm using kde desktop and I'm using the random
screensaver functionnality. I've xcreensaver installed.
Could you try to locate whether the type of screensaver has an impact?
For instance, does a plain black screensaver do the same? What about
In first I used the random screensaver. Then I tried the "blank screensaver" only, but always the same problem.
I'have a nvidia card. I could use nv ou nvidia driver, the result is
the same.
Please switch back to the nv driver and send the whole output of
    /usr/share/bug/xserver-xorg/script 3>&1
(it should have been automatically included by the reportbug tool).

Doing this right after the problem occured and before restarting a new X
session would be the best (in case smething appears in Xorg.0.log).
I switch back to NV since I have this problem. I'll launch this script next time I have this problem (tomorrow sure!!!).


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