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Bug#415543: Bug#393190: X fails to start on a PowerMac beige G3 when PCI NIC installed

Brice Goglin wrote:
> I don't know what is going on with Powermac beige G3, but it looks like
> several people actualy have conflicts between Xorg and the network on
> this kind of machine. I am merging the relevant bugs.
> I am trying to get some help for either upstream Xorg people or PowerPC
> guys since I am not even sure whether it's a hardware of software
> (kernel? Xorg only?) related problem. If anybody has a clue, please let
> me know.

At one point, I installed XFree86 that was still laying in pool.  It didn't
have a problem.  I think older copies of Xorg worked (<7.x) but I'm not
quite sure.

IIRC, if I just use the onboard nic, it did work.

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