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Bug#426286: Erratic Caps lock and Ctrl key behavior

Package: xserver-xorg-input-kbd
Version: 1:1.1.0-4

On a Thinkpad X40 keyboard - tried with both a standard american English
keyboard and german Deutsch one - there is something extremely bizarre
going on that seem to involve Caps Lock and Ctrl keys.  Intermittently
the Caps lock seems to get activated even though the Caps Lock LCD
indicator light is off.  Normally to fix it, shift + a character must be
pressed, after which releasing the Shift key will return keys to

More troubling is that from time to time somehow the Ctrl key seems to
get stuck on.  This can be extremely dangerous as subsequent keypresses
are now Ctrl-key combinations and have the potential to kill processes,
shut down terminals, etc.  I still do not know how Ctrl key gets
untoggled in this state, but it is not by pressing the Ctrl key.

When this problem initially occurred I thought perhaps there was some
severe problem with the keyboard.  But changing the keyboard made no
difference.  I also completely re-installed Debian but the problem
persisted.  The problem does not, however, occur under non-Debian.

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