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Bug#407036: xserver-xorg-core: dell d600 laptop crashes after resume from suspend to memory

Hi Brice, 

On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 10:52:16PM +0200, Brice Goglin wrote:
> Bruce MacDonald wrote:
> > Recently I noticed sometimes my laptop would crash on resuming from
> > suspend to memory, which has worked well mostly for the last three
> > years.  The crashes became much more frequent with the latest upgrade
> > to xserver-xorg-core (which is 2:, and I had to go back
> > to 2:1.1.1-21 to get the crashes to pretty much stop. I need to try it
> > for a few more days to be sure. I've also downgraded xorg and
> > xserver-xorg from 1:7.2-3 to 1:7.1.0-18 and xserver-xorg-input-evdev
> > from 1:1.1.2-6 to 1:1.1.5-2. Also have gone back to kernel 2.6.17
> > instead of 2.6.20; I haven't figured out whether the kernel is
> > important; it takes at least a couple of days to evaluate a change
> > because the problem is intermittent.
> >   
> Does it happen if you switch to a VT console before suspending? If not,
> does X crash when you switch back from VT to X after resume? If so,
> could you try to attach a gdb before that?

Yes it seems like X crashes when I switch from the VT console to X
after the resume. My laptop screen is always blank after resume in a
VT console so its a little hard to tell, but I'm pretty sure the
console comes up ok even when X crashes on the switch. However, before
a suspend if I try to attach a gdb before switching from VT to X, gdb
does not finish the attach; it never comes back and the X process
takes all CPU. I've tried that before suspending so I am familar
enough to do it blind after resume; I never did try it after a resume
because gdb doesn't come back to the prompt. Is there something else I
need to do to get the attach to work?

> > The laptop crashes and has to be rebooted.
> >   
> So, the laptop crashes, not only Xorg, right? If so, what makes you
> think it is a Xorg problem, and not something else like the kernel. Even
> if the problem occurs less often with xserver 1.1 than 1.3 with the same
> kernel, the problem could be in the kernel and occur less often because
> of what xserver does above. Hard to say...

Good point; yes the laptop crashes and needs rebooting; I can't kill
Xorg and I can't alt-ctl-del; I have to power it down. But after
another day or so of testing it seems like the kernel isn't the
problem. With the downgraded xorg packages, and upgraded (2.6.20)
kernel, it seems just as fine as 2.6.17 kernel. And when I upgrade the
xorg packages the intermittent crashing after resume comes back with
either kernel, although it might be worse with 2.6.20 (its hard to be


> Brice

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