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Bug#419986: output of 'ps ax'

Olaf Till wrote:
>> attaching should work fine (with gdb -p $(pidof X)).
>> If you see the X process in ps, there's no reason you couldn't attach.
> At home, I got no prompt and something like 'ptrace - operation not
> allowed' after killing gdb.

Is it possible that the X server was running as root while you were not
root, or anything like this? Running gdb as root might help then.

> Sorry, a typo, and further misread to 'dbg', probably. I meant without
> or with the line 'dri' in the module-section of xorg.conf (not
> 'drm'). BTW there was an unsatisfied dependency of the experimental
> X-server of a newer libdrm2 (don't know it, but sounds as if it had
> something to do with direct rendering) than installed.

You need libdrm2 2.3.0 for Xserver 1.3. Both are in unstable now, with
appropriate dependencies.

> I think the log stops after loading the module dri. Seemingly X was
> not able to log anything else after this. Compare to the attached
> respective log (also experimental server) after commenting out "dri"
> in the module-section of xorg.conf. As I said, there was no process X
> present after trying to start this experimental server with "dri".

As Michel said, there might be something in the error output. Starting
the X server with 'startx /usr/bin/xterm 2> file' should catch it.


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