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Bug#418377: Don't automatically set highest possible resolution as default

Brice Goglin schreef:
> Frans Pop wrote:
>>On Sunday 01 April 2007 14:39, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>>>A very high default resolution: 1920×1200
>>>I think this is the theoretical maximum the CRT monitor (IIyama
>>>HM903D/DT) and VGA card, but in practise it was not OK.
>>>I think it is better to use a maximum default resolution of 1200x1024
>>>for X, even when the VGA-card and the monitor can do better.
> Paul, what do you mean by "it was not OK"? Did you get something on
> display but it was ugly? Or nothing at all?

I got something on my display, but it was really ugly. You cannot read
anything for example, and is was moving so you cannot click on something.

>>I have seen the same on one of my own systems. Reassigning the report to 
>>the X.Org people for this.
>>In my case the problem is that at that resolution the refresh rate is very 
>>low; but another problem can be that everything is just too small for 
> It's hard to find a default value that would make all machines/users happy.

Normally you use something conservative in such cases. Wy not make a
default of maximum 1280x1024?

> As long as the X server works, it might be easier to keep the current
> behavior (use the maximal resolution) and rely on things like XRandR to
> change the resolution at runtime if needed. Of course, some people might
> get bored if they have to use xrandr every time they start the X server,
> and thus will want to update their xorg.conf accordingly. Fortunately, I
> also expect lots of people to be fine with the maximal resolution.

People can always change in runtime to a higher resolution. The other
way round is in many cases not possible.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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