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Bug#413500: Workaround

Brice Goglin wrote:
Stefano Rivoir wrote:
Note that downgrading to 6.6.3-2 fixes the problem.

6.6.3-2 is a "stable" release of the ATI driver, while 6.6.3-5 was
actually a non-official 6.6.99 pre-release. An official release
candidate for 6.7 is out since yesterday (6.6.191), it should be in
experimental tomorrow. Please try to reproduce your problem with this
new package (1:6.6.191-1).

Also, are you still using xserver-xorg-core 2:1.2.0-6 or did you try the
new one (2:

I've tried 6.6.191, same as 6.6.3-5, doesn't work. I'm using xserver-xorg-core 2:


Stefano RIVOIR

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