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Bug#394821: mga_drv unresolved symbols after 4.3.0.dfsg.1-14sarge2 upgrade

Brice Goglin wrote:

Did you have a chance to try checking/reinstalling your X packages as I
said before?
Hi Brice,

Thanks for the follow up. The problem was only resolved by installing
driver package from Matrox.  It overwrote the mga_drv driver within
the X libraries area, and then X would start. Prior to that I had tried building
the package from debian sources and every angle I could think of.

I know that months before that, I had problems with switching video cards from nvidia to matrox. In that case, a proprietary nvidia library was getting in the way
of making GLX work for Matrox.  I may have installed the Matrox prop. driver
way back then in attempts to overwrite this, and then this required working
with the matrox driver from here on - breaking only when X was updated.
I'm sorry I don't have more details. I have a lot of systems to take care of
and my desktop is probably the least important of them, so I probably don't
take as much note of what I do there.


--Donald Teed

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