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Bug#348639: xfs preinst and postinst scripts stop daemon but fail to restart it

Matt R Hall wrote:
> Salutations,
> I must say this bug is not the sort of thing you get an error message
> for. Basically what happens is if you perform an upgrade to Debian
> which upgrades the font server, the font server is stopped by the
> preinst script, then the new files are extracted, but then it appears
> that the server is not restarted by the postinst script.
> To show what the end result of this is, let's say you run a
> dist-upgrade then try to restart X later. If, like me, you use the
> font server as your font path to avoid having to manually configure
> font directories, you will find that X cannot start the next time
> because the font server is not running.
> Since normally one is not used to package upgrades having such cryptic
> side effects, I filed this bug after I noticed the problem persisted
> through about 2-3 font server upgrade cycles that occurred back at
> that time.

Does it fail to restart if you just reinstall your currently installed
xfs? Which version do you have?


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