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Bug#181423: there's an xorg.conf option for that

> Andrew Young wrote:
>>> according to the man page ob the xorg keyboard driver "kbd",
>>> there is an option to change the keyboard delay and rate.
>>> Option "AutoRepeat" "delay rate"
>>>   sets the auto repeat behaviour for the keyboard. 
>>>   This is not implemented on all platforms.
>>>   delay  is the time in milliseconds before a key starts repeating.  
>>>   rate is the number of times a key repeats per second.
>>>   Default: "500 30".
>>> Maybe this helps.
>> Thanks!  It certainly seems to solve my problem.  (I set the argument
>> to "250 10.9" and it seems to work in the VCs as well as in X.)
> Do you consider this as just a workaround and the bug is still there? Or
> is the bug really resolved?

I'd say it's a workaround, and the bug is still there.  Unless the
behavior I experienced is intended, and clearly explained (along with
the workaround) in the documentation, I'd say it's a bug.

		-- Andy Young

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