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Bug#408482: French Canadians really using us keyboard layout?

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 02:08:52PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:

>> It might cut down a bit on your wpm (words per minute), that is
>> true.

> Definitely, yes. The occurences of a few accented characters in
> French are high enough for them to require single keystrokes to
> enter éèçàù characters and not funky compose key combinations which
> are only used by hard-core geeks (the normal user will just skip the
> accents in such case and, therefore, will make a mess with our
> language).

According to this criteria, neither the France-French nor the
Canadian-French nor the Belgium-French keyboard are good:

 - the Canadian-French keyboard requires two keystrokes for èçàù and
   ÈÇÀÙ; it has a single-keystroke only for éÉ.

 - the France-French keyboard requires "funky compose key
   combinations" for ÉÈÇÀÙ; it has singly keystrokes only for lower
   case accented letters and no dead accenting key.

 - the Belgian-French keyboard requires two keystrokes for ÉÈÀÙ; it
   has single keystrokes only for lower case accented letters, but
   features dead accenting keys (as an AltGr combination if I remember
   well). I'm not sure about Ç anymore.

You might be thinking of the "Canadian Multilingual Standard"
keyboard, but this one is indeed (so I've heard) difficult to find in

(This is probably getting off-topic for this bug; we should probably
continue by private mail if at all.)


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