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Bug#367947: Ultra10 X Problems after dist-upgrade

Stewart Stremler wrote:
> Still, no joy, although now it seems to be complaining about libGLcore,

glcore should not be loaded explicitly nowadays. You should remove "load
glcore" from xorg.conf. The server will load it when it needs it.

The _gl_dispatch error looks strange to me. It looks like an
incompatible GL library is installed. You seem to have an ATI board. Did
you try a ATI binary driver in the past? Are you sure you don't have any
DRI/GL related library package that did not get upgraded? For instance
because it is "hold". Which xorg and mesa packages do you have
installed? The output of "dpkg -l | grep xorg" and "dpkg -l | grep mesa"
might help.

> Any further suggestions?

It is better if you disable DRI in xorg.conf too?
Eventually, you could try a recent kernel. Etch has a 2.6.18-3, it could
be better than your 2.4.24.


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