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Bug#289584: xserver-xfree86: [ati/radeon] does not support unknown chipset (0x5960) rev 1 [Radeon 9250]

this bug should probably be closed. Works for me with Xorg.

ametzler@argenau:/tmp/beast$ dpkg -l xserver*ati | grep ^ii
ii  xserver-xorg-video-ati 6.6.3-2        X.Org X server -- ATI display driver
ametzler@argenau:~$ grep 5960 /var/log/Xorg.0.log
(II) PCI: 01:00:0: chip 1002,5960 card 1002,5960 rev 01 class 03,00,00 hdr 80
        ATI Radeon Mobility 9200 IGP 7835, ATI Radeon 9250 5960 (AGP),
(--) Chipset ATI Radeon 9250 5960 (AGP) found
(--) RADEON(0): Chipset: "ATI Radeon 9250 5960 (AGP)" (ChipID = 0x5960)
(II) RADEON(0): [agp] Mode 0x1f000a09 [AGP 0x1106/0x3189; Card 0x1002/0x5960]

cu andreas
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