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Bug#405940: combine key dosn't work anymore

Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> As I have many Friends with characters not on the normal keyboard (as i
> with two dots or stroked o) in there name I have to use the X combine
> function very often.

Just to be sure, are you talking about the "Compose" key? or something
else ?

> This function is mapped to <shift><alt gr> for ages now. But on debian
> based distributions this stopped to work recently. And more over. As the
> configuration is moved to /usr instead of marking the configuration as
> configuration and let it in /etc where it should be it is not easy to
> change this behaviour.

How did it work before? Was it configured by default? Or did you
configure something using xmodmap (in your .xsession for instance)?

Note that it could also be related to your window manager. I know that
for instance Gnome has some "special keys" configuration options. Did
you check there? Do you have any idea whether it worked under any other
WM before?

Anyway, could you send us your xorg.conf, the output of "setxkbmap
-print" and "xmodmap -pk"?


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