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Bug#405043: Provide option to choose font size from the default list

On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 05:59:41PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > Where do you read that -fn is depcrecated?
> OK, deprecated is not realy the right word but:
> man xterm
> at the end of the OPTIONS section it is written:

oh - that's a very old comment.  What it means is that xterm's source
contains explicit assignments for certain options which may be provided
directly in the X libraries by those names or by equivalent ones.

xterm's manpage refers to these particular options as obsolete:
	%geom #geom -T -n -r -w

The options listed under this paragraph are not obsolete:

     The following standard X Toolkit command line arguments  are
     commonly used with xterm:

It corresponds to this paragraph from the X manpage (also more than
ten years old):

     Most X programs attempt to use the same  names  for  command
     line  options  and arguments.  All applications written with
     the X Toolkit Intrinsics automatically accept the  following
> ----8<------------------------------------------------------------------
>        The following command line arguments are provided for compatibil-
>        ity with older versions.  They may not be supported in  the  next
>        release  as  the  X Toolkit provides standard options that accom-
>        plish the same task.
> <snip>
>        -fn font
>                This  option specifies the font to be used for displaying
>                normal text.  The default is fixed.
>        -font font
>                This is the same as -fn.
> ----8<------------------------------------------------------------------

Thomas E. Dickey

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