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beryl-core: Changes to 'refs/tags/0.1.4-1'

Tag '0.1.4-1' created by David Nusinow <dnusinow@debian.org> at 2007-01-11 04:29 +0100

Tag version 0.1.4-1 upload to unstable

Changes since the dawn of time:
David Nusinow:
      Remove debian dir temporarily
      Initial commit of upstream sources
      Revert "Remove debian dir temporarily"
      Remove spurious patch series file
      Document previous change
      Remove pointless beryl-core.README.Debian
      Don't ship .la files in the libberylsettings-dev package.

Shawn Starr:
      Initial commit of beryl-core
      Update to beryl 0.1.4. Adjust copyright date, and fix patch to remove Xgl.
      Update to beryl 0.1.4 sources.
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      Remove this file. It was a small addition to fix the patch for beryl 0.1.4

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