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More git policy: xsfbs and bundled apps packages

Hi everyone,

   The last major issue for moving to git that I can see is is the apps and
xsfbs. I've added to the proposed policy some stuff about how to manage

   The apps are fairly easy. We use the upstream* branches and just extend
it so we have individual upstream* branches for each upstream app repo.
These all get merged in to debian as the need arises.

   xsfbs doesn't have a good solution really. We can keep a single
repository for xsfbs and then manually merge it when we do updates. We can
probably script that locally to make it easier when changes to xsfbs do
happen, although I'd still like to wean us off it this next release cycle.
We could also create a hook script to automagically pull it in, but that's
a lot of overhead, and I think a local script is probably a better idea.

   If anyone has any comments on this stuff, please let me know. If not, I
think the proposed policy is ready to be finalized, and I'm out of blockers
for the migration.

 - David Nusinow

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