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Re: git-migration: Changes to 'master'

On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 22:08 -0500, David Nusinow wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 09:06:19PM -0500, David Nusinow wrote:
> > Is this worth the overhead of maintaining the upstream branches? I'm not
> > sure. Currently, our deltas from the usptream releases aren't that big for
> > anything but the server, so this really may not be worthwhile. I tend to
> > just look through the whole log and debian/changelog myself, so I'm not
> > sure I'd even use the upstream branch for this. What does everyone else
> > think? Is this just another vendor branch that we really don't need? I'm
> > struggling to come up with another usage case for it, which probably means
> > that the idea is flawed.

I think the upstream-* branches would be useful for visualizing the
relation between upstream and Debian history, e.g. using gitk, which is
something SVN couldn't provide.

> Ok... more brainstorming. The easiest method of dealing with moving changes
> around in git is to pull or push them all. Cherry-picking is supported, but
> it's not really the ideal model. So here's how you would create a change
> destined for upstream and get it upstream using a pull/push-only method.
> Say it's going to unstable and it's going to implement our Rock 'n Roll
> feature.
>  1) Create local branches of debian-unstable and upstream-unstable. Call
>     them debian-rock and upstream-rock. No one will see these branches but
>     you in this scenario.
>  2) Make your changes of interest to the code in the upstream-rock branch.
>     Pull them in to debian-rock when you're ready to go.
>  3) Oops! We screwed up. You can either git-revert, git-reset, or just fix
>     your commit.
>  4) Re-checkout debian-rock, and merge upstream-rock again.
>  5) Build 'n test. Yay! Success! We're now ready to bring the rock.
>  6) Check out upstream-unstable. Pull the changes from upstream-rock.
>  7) Pull upstream-unstable in to debian-unstable.
>  8) Build, test, upload. Yay! It looks like our users are rocking out!
>     We're ready to let the rest of the X world experience the rock.
>  9) Pull upstream-unstable in to your local copy of upstream's HEAD. You'll
>     want to make sure it merges properly. Then push it to freedesktop.org.

The procedure looks good to me, but I suspect the "Merge branch
'upstream-unstable'" commit may not be that useful in the upstream repo,
so cherry-picking might be better than merging in the last step.

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