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Bug#373763: xserver-xfree86-dbg: Radeon X600 Pro on ChainTech VNF4 PCIE x16 slot not recognised

Tahkyou for your e-mail Brice. I don't exactly remember my report on the X600, and have, since then gone back for the moent to running Fedora. But I haven't given up on my efforts to move to Debian, was simply ovetaken by events. For the moment, I'm fully occupied by motion control problems - a couple of years ago some sugery went slightly awry and I lost the sight of one eye. Late in 2006 I was able to resume use of my small machine shop, but automation is needed for 5 lathes, 3 mills (I have two already automated one big (4 tons) and one small (70 #). When that is all done, and I am selling N/C machines and upgrades on EBay, I expect to return to etch (which I liked a good deal). Thankyou again for your e-mail, and support. It means a good deal to know that I have friends.

So, in conclusion, please go ahead and close the bug. When I resume work on Debian, I will revisit the question. I still have several Radeon X600 video boards, and not being an avid gamer they will still be useful later this year.


                      John Gabriel

Brice Goglin wrote:
Hi Gabriel,

About 7 month ago, you reported a bug to the Debian BTS regarding a
Radeon X600 not being supported in Debian Sarge.
I don't think a Radeon X600 board will ever be supported by
Xfree86/Sarge. But it should be very well supported by
xserver-xorg-video-ati in Etch. I don't think your specific pcie x16
slot should be a problem.

Did you by chance get to try Debian Etch on this machine? Lots of people
have a X600 working fine in Etch, while the problem will never be fixed
in Sarge. So, unless you still have this problem with Etch, I will close
this bug in the next weeks.


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