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Bug#45291: Although this object is not specified in the formal JavaScript technology specification, all of today's mainstream browsers support it.

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Resources may include URLs, databases, web services, or domain objects
which that service may access to complete a request.
Are Your IIS Web Servers Under Attack?
You will need a way to know who is connected, right? Reasons to Use a
Scripting LanguageMost scripting languages are dynamically typed. When
providing AJAX services, you should take care to make sure that those
services are made available only to those intended. We have seen that
AJAX interactions can solve many problems.
It's best to use libraries such as Dojo,which provides fallback
solutions for making AJAX interactions transparently even on older
browsers thatdo not support the XMLHttpRequest Object:.
"These systems are true innovations, and they give customers what they
are looking for. You can continue to use scripting languages for all the
reasons you already have, and you can use the powerful Java class
library to extend the abilities of those languages. In essence if you
call this from your JavaScript code you will need a global function
showResults that takes a single argument.
Of course, your script can create and return native Java objects too.
The Dojo Foundation is a non-profit organization for JavaScript
programming and the Dojo Toolkit is an open source JavaScript toolkit
for making professional web development faster and easier. Following a
successful request, JavaScript technology code may modify the DOM of the
HTML page.
Just a quick question: how will you find the clients you are looking at?
The CometContext is the main object a component will use to interact
with others Comet requests, implemented as CometHandler.
Reasons to Use a Scripting LanguageMost scripting languages are
dynamically typed. When using theHTTP GET method, the length of URL,
including escaped URL parameters, is limited by some browsers and by
server-sideweb containers.
You can then use this content inyour AJAX-based application. Polling is
not the most effecientmeans of ensuring that data on a page is the most
current. For example, you can mix content or data from a third-party
application such as Google Maps with your own application. Read on for
all the details. Project jMaki has also been tested against the latest
builds of the open source Java Enterprise Edition 5 application server,
GlassFish. ResourcesA more extensive writeup including more examples of
the XmlHttpProxy client maybe found in the  jMaki documentation. In the
case of the Yahoo Geocoder example uses the following style sheet on
ajax. The fix will also be available tomorrow.
The techniques described in this blog are not mutually exclusive, you
may choose to restrict access using a combination of technqiques based
on your user cases and client needs.
"It's such a beautiful machine," says Matsuoka. This method places
key-value pairs into a javax. Other options such as Project jMaki and
Project Dynamic Faces provide a way for Java developers to better use
AJAX functionality without requiring deep knowledge of JavaScript
I recommend you add the handler only once by adding a flag to the
session object.
The Yahoo Geocoder services returns an  XML document containg the
coordiantes which is transformed to JSON and returned to the client.
See the article on the use of AJAX and portlets for more on how you can
use portlet applications today.
Using a generic proxy has other benefits. No industry standard has
defined or clarified how developers can use Java class files from other
programming languages. If you are using a browser,  HTTP 1. In Code
Example 9, the script code can use the namesListKey reference to access
the namesList Java object.
I created my application's directory structure according to the Phobos
project's conventions.
I've gone ahead and added the Comet property to the domain.
Jean-Francois Arcand's Blog: The Grizzly Comet or why space shuttle
Discovery launch was delayed.
The ScriptCalc Demo uses an embedded script engine. And best of luck to
you in the future.

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