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Re: x11proto-input: Changes to 'master'

> > > > New branch 'master' available
> > > 
> > > I can't see x11proto-input at http://git.debian.org/.  Is the alioth
> > > git repository different to this one? If so, does it have a gitweb
> > > interface?
> > > 
> > Fixed now.  .git/HEAD pointed to refs/heads/master, which doesn't exist.
> > I just changed it to point to refs/heads/debian-unstable.
> I see it now, thanks.

The git repo for x11proto-input does not contain the version for
experimental (svn
xorg-x11/branches/experimental/proto/x11proto-input).  Is this
intentional or was it missed by accident?

How would the upstream branches be used in this case? As in my question
in the other thread, I'm still trying to understand what the upstream
branches are for.


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