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Bug#405792: I think this is two problems rolled into one

I have just discovered that the wallpaper referenced by the kdm 
configuration file did not exist on my system (due to a screw up by 
me).  As a result, the failure to redisplay the kdm dialog when ending 
a session seems to be as a result of this missing file.  Now I have 
corrected that issue, a proper dialog is displayed when I end the 

However, the other problems still partially remain.  A crtl-alt-F1 the 
first time whilst kdm is displaying the login dialog correctly gets me 
to a text console.  However, returning to VT7 shows a screen which has 
lost horizontal sync (ie is scrolling sideways rapidly) and which the 
bottom half of the screen is blank (but apparently wrapped around into 
the top half).  Once I had got into this mode, ctrl-alt-F1 no longer 
gets me back to a text console.
Alan Chandler

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