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Bug#160841: xserver-xfree86: [tdfx] exhausts virtual memory and arouses Linux OOM killer when changing video modes on Voodoo5 rev 1

>>>>> "Brice" == Brice Goglin <Brice.Goglin@ens-lyon.org> writes:

    Brice> Hi Eric, 4 years ago, you reported a bug to the Debian BTS,
    Brice> regarding the system oom killing your session when hitting
    Brice> ctrl-alt-plus to zoom in.  You didn't know how exactly to
    Brice> reproduce the problem, but it occured "sometimes".  Did you
    Brice> reproduce it recently?  If not, I will close this bug in
    Brice> the next weeks.

Thanks for checking.

I'm pretty sure I've run into the problem within the last year (I'm
now running Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS), but to be honest, I don't go out of my
way trying to repro this bug since it's pretty catastrophic.

If you want, I'll clear a little time on my schedule and see if it
repros -- I predict it will.
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