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Bug#327497: Duplicate of #338241?

Hi Michel,

short story:
OK, bug disappeared for me too.

longer story:
I have completely reinstalled my system, about two months ago, bought
a new larger HD, further the same hardware.

one of the tests I run after installation was on fbdev and it still had
this problem.

I did not yet set up automatic update/upgrade and yesterday, after
holidays and some skipped upgrades, I had some serious problems getting
the system up again...  in particular I could not use X any more - at all!

so immediately after one reboot I opened the xorg.conf file and went
back from ati to fbdev and I'm up again, X usable, no swapped colours,
no locked system!  -> me happy user.

will need to file a bug regarding the ati driver or see if it has
already reported...


On 2006-1231 18:07:55, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> I think this could be a duplicate of bug #338241 (I probably meant to
> point this out before but accidentally sent that mail to the other
> report...). Mario, could you try the upstream fix referenced there?
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