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Bug#403325: xserver-xorg-video-i810: 810 driver appears not to like some standard VESA modes (like "1280x1024")

On Thursday 04 January 2007 01:40, Drew Parsons wrote:
> Alan wrote:
> > It appears an upgrade (possibly to xserver-xorg-server-core) on or
> > about 12 December 2006 caused this driver to no longer recognise
> > the standard VESA modes and as a result it now forces itself into
> > 640x480 mode.
> Hi Alan, does the behaviour change if you install and configure
> 915resolution? "915resolution -l" should list the available modes.

Yes it does - although not perfectly.  I am not 100% certain I got it 
right, in that I also changed xorg.conf to remove the monitor refresh 
rates and add in all the resolutions shown from 915resolution -l

When I did that it seemed to assume the screen was bigger than it was 
and although it allowed some panning, I didn't have access to the whole 
virtual screen area.

BUT - when I removed 915resolution and also put back the monitor refresh 
rates into xorg.conf BUT left the additional screen sizes in the file I 
got the same effect as above.

Eventually - to get it to work, I have to limit the the screen size to 

But I don't see the point of 915resolution.  it is much easier to just 
configure monitor refresh rates in xorg,conf - when it works fine - 
rather than install a new application which I also have to configure 
with screen resolution data. 

Alan Chandler

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