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Bug#405201: Debian bug #405201

On Wed, Jan  3, 2007 at 08:16:15 -0500, Rob Springer wrote:

> Hey Julien - I'm only replying to you (and not this issue) since I have 
> no new information to yet  offer, but I also experience this issue, and am 
> willing to be a guinea pig or to try and find out any more information 
> that might be helpful in diagnosing it.
> As is Nico, I'm using the proprietary nVidia driver with unstable's X 
> binaries, and sometime this weekend (Sunday?), all my openGL apps (in this 
> case, a wine app) started crashing X. 
> Basically, I'm willing to serve as another datapoint however it might be 
> useful...assuming it might be useful.
> If you're working on something else, then sorry for bothering!
Hi Rob,

if you're able to build the server with debugging symbols, and get a
backtrace from the server (probably by running gdb over an ssh
connection), it would probably help us find the problem.


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