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Bug#405201: [fwd] Re: Bug#405201: xserver-xorg-core: latest xorg crashes upon OpenGL request (nvidia proprietary driver)

On Tue, Jan  2, 2007 at 01:37:16 +0100, Nico wrote:

> Le 02/01/2007 01:31, Julien Cristau écrivait  :
> > And my question was about which version you had installed before, which
> > you don't answer here.
> Sorry, I think I did. 
> Since this laptop was installed on friday from scratch and upgraded on
> sunday to crash OpenGL, the previous version was 2:1.1.1-12.
Given the changelog between -12 and -13, I have a hard time believing
that we have a regression there, so this must be something else.


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