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Re: Feature Freeze

Ender wrote:
> El miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2006 06:45, Drew Parsons escribió:
> > Ah I see. Because the upstream module was renamed "xf86-video-intel", I
> > had assumed they were renaming the new driver "intel".  But looking
> > inside the modesetting branch I see the driver is still called "i810".
> > So you're right, xserver-xorg-video-i810-modesetting makes more sense
> > in that case, until upstream fully renames it. Unless I missed
> > something, this means i810-modesetting will have to conflict with (and
> > replace) i810, since it generates the same i810_drv.so (rather than
> > intel_drv.so which is what I had assumed it was doing). A pity, since
> > this makes it a little harder to test and compare the two side by side.
> 	You could probably mess a little with the autoconf files and generate a 
> i810-modesetting_drv.so...

Yeah, that could work.  If I'm the one who gets on to it first, I'll
probably first package it as-is, using the conflicts.  Then once that
goes fine we can see if the autoconf tweaking will work easily or


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