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Bug#364288: Bug#331435: xserver-xorg: Mouse pointer occasionally vanishes

close 364288

* Tore Anderson

> I've been running fvwm and KDE for more than two weeks now, and have
> not yet experienced a hang.  So it appears that Openbox is triggering
> a bug in Xorg.  I'll try to run it with debugging activated to see if
> I figure out something more.

  I think I've found out what causes it.  The clock on my workstation is
 too fast, it needs only around two minutes and fifteen seconds to drift
 ahead one second.  This makes ntpd step the time backwards, which
 appears to be what causes the hangs.  Only happens sometimes, though,
 but I observerd a clear correlation between the hangs and clock
 stepping when I tested manually with ntpdate.

  Even though X11R6 had no problems with this, I'm closing this bug as
 it's unlikely to affect many users (it appears they'd need both to be
 running Openbox and ntpd, as well as to have defective hardware).

Tore Anderson

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