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Bug#386385: xkb-data: Wrong codes for Greek polytonic breathing signs

Daniel Stone wrote:

> Er, could dead_horn and dead_ognek sequences not just be added
> to en_US? 

Of course they could. But that would be perpetuating a kludge.
dead_horn and dead_ogonek were chosen by the original Greek
designer *) because they do not occur in the Greek language, so he
thought they were "unused" and made them do double duty as
breathing signs. The "real" dead_horn and dead_ogonek are
completely different -- they are accents below the letters, not
above, like the breathing signs are. Apparently he was not aware
that the keysyms starting with U are by default valid keysyms in
xkb, nor of the fact that the true breathings signs had already
been defined in Unicode:

U+0313 COMBINING COMMA ABOVE, Greek psili, smooth breathing mark
       breathing mark

Apparently, the creators of the Greek polytonic xkb file and of
the international Compose file worked independently of one
another. It is time to put it right.

*) See
(near the end of the message):

   When I made an initial try at a polytonic Greek keyboard, I
   couldn't find a dead_comma_above and a
   dead_reversed_comma_above, so I just (ab)used the first two
   keysyms that weren't otherwise meaningful on a Greek keyboard.
   Subsequent updates to the Greek keyboard layout and Compose
   files kept this (perhaps not strictly correct) arrangement.

Regards, Jan

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