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                            Patch #217 - 2006/8/20

     * minor improvements to FreeType font layout and drawing.
     * add  a  check  in  the  ptyInitialErase  logic  to ensure that the
       termcap was read (Redhat Bugzilla #201246).
     * limit  changes  for  reverse-video from [221]patch #216 to cases
       where  the  reverse-video  command-line  option is used (report by
       Zdenek Sekera).
     * correct  bitmap-derived pointsizes for TrueType fonts; they should
       be  proportional  to  the  square  root  of the area of the bitmap
     * add  resources  to specify pointsize of TrueType fonts (request by
       Reuben Thomas).
     * improve  install  of  terminfo  by filtering out harmless messages
       related  to  extended  capabilities. At the same time, use ncurses
       tic  to  compile  the extended capabilities if possible (report by
       Zdenek Sekera).
     * update "xterm+pcfkeys" terminfo entry to correspond to [222]patch

Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>

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