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Bug#382360: xutils: upgrading from sarge, then purging, leaves /etc/X11/rstart/*

Package: xutils
Version: 7.1.ds-1

When testing another package (artwiz-cursor, but it happens with other
packages too) with piuparts, we found the following problem with xutils:

2m17.3s ERROR: Package purging left files on system:
    owned by: x11-common

This happens when upgrading from sarge to etch to sid, and then removing
and purging the package. In the sarge version of xutils, those files
seem to be conffiles, but in the etch version they no longer are part of
the package. dpkg does not remove conffiles from disk when they are
dropped from a package during an upgrade; you may want to remove the
files in postrm during purge, I guess.

The full log file is at


I hope this is helpful.

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