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3d support problem

I have got an HP Pavilion dv1420us and Debian Etch system on it, i have Intel 915 Express Chipset on it and have been using intel drivers for 3d support. But when i have upgraded my xorg to the new one with different modules like video-i810, my drivers do not work anymore.

The way i've installed them is a bit tricky. I have got a SuSE rpm of this driver and with the help of alien made a deb package of this. With the previous version of xorg it worked fine, i had 3d support and could play OpenGL games or use 3ddesk. After the upgrade this way of installing a driver gives nothing to me. I don't have any 3d support and i've got sometimes even problems with the colour of the movies in different players. It looks like the colour scheme has got only 256 colours.

Can you help me with this?

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