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Bug#370614: xbase-clients: upgrade X.org 7: us_intl keyboard stopped to work

2006/6/6, Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org>:
On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 06:55:49AM +0200, Luc Castermans wrote:
> Package: xbase-clients
> Version: 1:7.0.1-2
> Severity: important
> after I upgraded to X.org 7 my keyboard (US), used in international mode (us_intl)
> doesn't work anymore.

You have to select layout us, variant intl (or alt-intl)

Bonjour Dennis,

1) my setup was working, upgrading to 7.0 corrupted the setup; likely to happen
   to all who'll upgrade

2) Not sure what you mean here, below part from my xorg.conf file:

Section "InputDevice"
     51         Identifier      "Generic Keyboard"
     52         Driver          "kbd"
     53         Option          "CoreKeyboard"
     54         Option          "XkbRules"      "xorg"
     55         Option          "XkbModel"      "pc104"
     56         Option          "XkbLayout"     "us"
     57         Option          "XkbVariant"    "intl"
     58 EndSection

still I get:

luc@mestreech:~$ setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us -variant intl -v 10
Setting verbose level to 10
locale is C
Warning! Multiple definitions of keyboard model
         Using command line, ignoring X server
Warning! Multiple definitions of keyboard layout
         Using command line, ignoring X server
Applied rules from xorg:
model:      pc104
layout:     us
variant:    intl
Trying to build keymap using the following components:
keycodes:   xfree86+aliases(qwerty)
types:      complete
compat:     complete
symbols:    pc(pc104)+us(intl)
geometry:   pc(pc104)
Error loading new keyboard description

Luc Castermans
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