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Re: Proposed debconf templates rewrite to follow the Developer's Reference 6.5

El miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2006 08:21, Christian Perrier escribió:
> I already mentioned here and there that the xorg package debconf
> templates do not follow the recommendations given in the developer's
> reference, which are mostly aimed at achieving overall writing style
> consistency in questions seen by users.
> Attached to this mail is a rewrite of the two .templates files
> currently used in xorg's SVN.
> I included a diff file for both and both individual files. All
> compressed for size reasons....sorry if that make quoting a little
> more complicated for some of you.
> I've just subscribed to debian-x to follow the discussion in case
> comments are made (and I hope there'll be some!).
> As those of you who know me well can guess, I also propose to handle
> the translation update round that will follow if these changes (or
> even some of them) are applied...
> Rationale, change by change (similar changes are explained only once):

	I do not have any problem with the proposed changes.

	Best regards,

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