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Bug#352833: xlibs: xkb no longer handles grp:shift_toggle)

I think this information (renaming the option) should be put in the
NEWS.Debian.gz file. When I first upgraded to 6.9 and discovered
shift_toggle no lnoger works, I looked first in the bug tracking
system[1], then NEWS.Debian.gz. This file mentioned major changes to
xkb and recommended installing xkb-data (which I think was in
experimental at the time, but was of no help in any event), but not
this specific fix. I think this is worth mentioning.

[1] I thought I had reported bug about this, but apprently I forgot to
the repeat was eaten by @#$@#$ exim. Fortunately, exim no longer runs
on that box. 


Itai Seggev, University of Mississippi, Department of Physics and Astronomy

In 1997 a group of programmers started writing a desktop environment
to fix a travesty they didn't create.  Their program promptly found
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