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Bug#362766: xcursor-themes: cursor themes do not work using current libxcursor1

Hi Bastian,

> As the maintainer of CrystalCursors, I have a strongly related problem
> with update-alternatives support in Xorg7. I'd like to know: will the
> fix of this bug provide the /usr/share/icons/default - dir/symlink?

The fixed xcursor-themes package will provide a /usr/share/icons/default
directory.  However, your package should also provide this directory as I
stated in bug #363059, rather than depending on it to be present on the
system: multiple packages are allowed to own directories, and it's only *by*
declaring this ownership that dpkg is able to clean up those directories
when a user removes both your package and xcursor-themes (e.g., because
they're uninstalling X).

> Is it save to assume that this directory *exists* on a Xorg7-Installation?

No; you should ship the directory yourself.  It *would* be possible to have
a versioned dep on xcursor-themes instead, but that would be wrong when the
only thing you need from that package is a directory.

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