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Bug#360879: xserver-xorg: Xorg's radeon driver does not seemto support DVI on docking station

On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 21:29 +0200, Eric Lavarde - Debian Bugs wrote:
> >> > Thanks. Apparently, the driver only detects the internal display in
> >> both
> >> > cases. You're saying neither case works with this config file? Does it
> >> > make a difference if it's already docked on bootup? Or if you use
> >> Option
> >> > "MonitorLayout" "TMDS" when docked?
> >> No, it works undocked. When docked, the external screen doesn't show any
> >> picture, but X seems happy with it (not me!), so that I assume it shows
> >> something on the internal (closed) LCD.
> >> But I can try the option.
> >
> > Please do, and/or boot the machine docked.
> Yes, the above option added to my original xfree86.conf does make it work
> docked, but (of course) then it doesn't work undocked (xorg seems to try
> to drive the internal LCD with 1280x1024). It works undocked with LVDS
> instead, or without the option.

Out of curiosity, does it have any impact on the autodetection or
otherwise if you boot the machine while it's docked?

> >> > Speaking of upstream bugzilla, you may want to report this problem
> >> there
> >> > as well, assuming it hasn't yet.
> >> Sounds like the bug you pointed me to is the potential solution to the
> >> issue, no? (I'm referring to: "- LVDS + internal TMDS.  if you have a
> >> laptop or docking station with LVDS and a DVI port, ...")
> >
> > Yes, once that works, at least Option "MonitorLayout" "LVDS,TMDS" should
> > work. Autodetection of the docking station may be a different story
> > though.
> Yes, it looks like the remaining issue for me: the xserver doesn't
> automatically switch between TMDS and LVDS.

Well, once LVDS and TMDS are supported together, this shouldn't matter
so much, as you can force them both on.

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